Easter Activity Ideas

Eggciting Easter?? We’re here to help

With Easter only around the corner, we can already hear the sugar-filled kids running around, loving mid-term break. Little legs seems to carry a lot of energy and if, like me, you’re constantly in search of new and simple ways to keep them entertained, read on.

With the helpful hands of Mini T’s Kids Club staff, I’ve picked my top 3 fun and interesting activities to keep those little bunnies entertained this Easter.

1)      Yummy Treats

Eggciting Crispy Cakes-A childhood favourite, Rice Krispy Cakes, has been transformed.

What you need to do: Buy coloured marshmallows (about 20 medium-sized), melt in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, add two tablespoons of melted butter and 2 cups of Rice Krispy cereal. Mix together until smooth and thinly spread on grease-proof paper. Once cooled, cut mixture using an egg-shaped cutter. Finally, the kids will love decorating this delicious Easter treats. Some of my favourite toppings are melted chocolate, coloured icing and sprinkles.

2)     Handprint Bunny 

One of the easiest Easter crafts to do and the kids love it! 

What you need to do: Paint Childs hand with white paint except their thumb. Have the child to squeeze their pinky/ring finger together and their pointer/middle finger together when pressing down on card to make bunny ears. Add pink paint to ears and nose, leave to dry, then draw a bunny face with your felt pen. Simple! 

3) Potato Stamp 

A childhood favourite for Mammy and Daddy I’m sure!

What you need to do: Cut potatoes in half lengthwise to get an oval shape. (Adult needs to do all cutting and scooping). Cut and scoop out the flesh using the knife and skewer. Paint each section of cut potatoes with colours of your choice. Then you’re ready to stamp!

4) Easter Wreath 

What you need to do: Cut a circle out of the middle of the plate. Trace the cookie cutter on the coloured papers and cut out egg shapes. Glue the eggs onto the back of the paper plate wreath. Cut out a little ribbon and make a bow. Glue at the top of the wreath. Cut another ribbon and make a loop glue at the back of the wreath and hang. Masterpiece! 

5) Easter Garland

A simple but fun activity.

What you need to do: Using a variety of coloured paper, draw egg shapes and cut out with a scissors. If you feel you don’t have a steady hand, use the egg-cutter to outline your paper! Next, let the kids get creative in decorating their eggs. Great decorating ideas include coloured stickers, glitter, paint and markers. Once all the eggs are finished, use a hole punch to add two holes to the top of each egg. Now place any thread or string through each hole and Voila! You now have a beautiful and colourful Easter Garland.

6)      Easter Basket

Popular with younger kids, these super easy and quick baskets will be a firm favourite.

What you need to do: Using plain, white containers fold into rectangle shapes. Sides can be glued or sellotaped together if needed. Draw or print some Easter/ Spring pictures such as cut out flowers, bunnies or chicks and get the kids to decorate each piece. Once finished, stick to all sides of the container. Lastly, cut a thin strip of thick paper and glue one end to each side of the container. To make your new basket even better why not cut some green crepe paper into thin stripes and use as grass? The kids will have hours of fun carrying their Easter eggs and trinkets in this super easy basket.

Have you any Easter craft ideas you can share with us?? 

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